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100 Day Plan – Sharpen Your Focus!

Now comes the really fun part: you’ve developed your plan and are ready to get started. There are a million things running around in your head about customers, operations, staffing and numbers. You are busy laying out the tasks, putting all the pieces together, and are probably working with dozens of people. It feels like you are being pulled in a hundred different directions. It is hard to stay focused, but you feel like you are making real progress. Don’t get sidetracked! Don’t let your dream overwhelm you! Use the 100-Day Plan in LaunchPad ToolKit to keep you focused. It lays out your priorities and timelines in a clear manner to keep you on track. Based on your plan inputs, key actions, responsible persons and due dates are assembled for you in an easy to read format. You can go back into LaunchPad ToolKit and add and delete as you knock things off the list. If necessary, you can make course corrections as you move along; but you will have the benefit of a clear roadmap to guide you and help keep you sane. You will need to rely on others whether they are suppliers or employees and LaunchPad ToolKit provides a consistent way of communicating your plan to all of your interested parties so that you can keep them all aligned. Enjoy the journey. Click here and here for helpful resources.

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