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Load Your Team With All-Stars.

Building your organization can be the most fun and also the most risky part of your company’s development. You are not just hiring your team; you are building your company’s capabilities. If you put as much thought into the design of your organization as you do your product, you will greatly increase your chances of success. People are your most important asset, and planning your organization is an essential part of reducing your risk. You will need to think about how many people you need, when you will need them, what you will pay them and how you will align their incentives. Most importantly, you will need to decide how their role contributes to your overall plan. Payroll can be a major expense for start-ups and it is essential that you run lean. But equally, you need to have the resources required to execute your plan. There are quite a number of issues to tackle and it can be very confusing. LaunchPad ToolKit can help organize your thinking by prompting you to clarify roles, get a handle on pay and align incentives to the plans you have. The process requires you to go step by step through each and every team member and determine where they fit in, their costs and timing. Click here for helpful resources.

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