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Q: If You Are Driving And You Are Lost, What Do You Do? A: Drive Faster? -> Maybe Not.

Far better alternatives would be to use your GPS, or a map, or ask someone to give you directions. With clear directions, you will substantially increase your chances of getting where you want to go. In launching a start-up, that’s what financial statements are for: to help keep you on track. Too often numbers can be seen as a burden instead of a useful tool. So we designed LaunchPad ToolKit to help you navigate your way through the maze of numbers you will need to start, fund and grow your business. You can isolate the prices and quantities of the products you plan to sell, estimate your growth rates and LaunchPad ToolKit will build your revenues automatically. Cost management is a vital part of the start-up process and we make it easy to capture everything from salaries to suppliers. You follow the prompts and enter the data and LaunchPad ToolKit builds a three-year financial guide for you, along with a year 1 budget and a special section on cash needs. We highlight issues that might be risks for you like profitability and liquidity, so that you can adjust as necessary. We want you to invest your money launching a successful start-up and not waste it on an expensive hobby.

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