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Tick Tock. And We Don’t Mean The Song.

That’s the sound that precedes the sound of your dream project exploding. Let’s not let that happen. No plans are perfect; all come with risks. But knowing your risks certainly improves your chances of managing them. LaunchPad ToolKit takes a systematic approach to assessing your risks, feeding the information back to you, and giving you the chance to make adjustments to your plan, or to put alternative plans in place. The risk assessment is intentionally critical, like your best friend who says the awkward things you need to hear because, well, someone has to. LaunchPad ToolKit combs through your inputs and looks for inconsistencies in your plan, determines if it is comprehensive, identifies overly-optimistic assumptions in your revenues and expenses and evaluates your profitability. The risk assessment pays specific attention to your cash levels to make sure there is enough gas in the tank to get you on your way, even if you have to take an alternative route. The goal of the risk assessment is to improve your chances of success by identifying those components of your plan that merit a closer look. It’s an objective health-check.

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