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You Can’t Always Get What You Want – But You Get What You Need.

Benefits are the useful results delivered by your products and services. They aren’t features. Features are what your products and services do. Benefits are the value the customer receives as a result. It’s important to know the difference between benefits and features because your target market certainly will. Test yourself. Do you help your customer...
  1. Save time? Time is money is time. It’s also convenience and freedom, and demands a premium price from just about everyone. Time savers are instantly translated into benefits for most buyers and offer a compelling value proposition because of their utility.
  2. Make more money? Ring that one up as a sale. If the benefit of your product is to help your customer somehow make more money, the closing of the sale should be easy. If it isn’t easy, either, you aren’t delivering on that benefit or you need sales training.
  3. Do new things? Change creates potential and potential in most folk’s minds leads to success. It’s rare to hear about people dreaming of failure. If you can enable your customer to add new capabilities or do new things, they will imagine a better future as a result. They will also pay you for that future promise.
These are a just a few examples of how you can assess the fundamental strength of your products.

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