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There Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.

Goals are the aims of the company. They should be objective and set measureable targets that give the company, its units and individuals a strong sense of purpose. They are a key navigation tool for all to use in periods of growth, change and challenge. Goals help the ship stay on course and can be matched against the following criteria:
  1. Is the goal tangible and measureable? Whatever gets measured gets done. Be specific about what you want done and utilize numbers as an objective way of determining if you are getting there.
  2. Is the goal consistent with the company’s vision, mission and strategy? Inconsistencies create misalignment and confusion. Taken together, they put your business at risk. Goals that provide a roadmap to success and are easily understandable will assure alignment and better execution.
  3. Does the goal inspire performance? Too high a mountain can demotivate even the strongest performers. Be ambitious and stretch your employees, but don’t put them in a position where they repeatedly fail to meet your expectations because, well, they are just unreasonable.
Goals should be consistent with the vision, mission and strategy of the company. They can provide fundamental benchmarks to measure progress against.

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