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Category: Business plan

I Need To Write A Business Plan?!

Introducing LaunchPad ToolKit: Your guide to writing a Lean Business Plan. We know the feeling. You have a great idea for a new business, you want to get started, but you aren’t quite sure how to put it …


Tick Tock. And We Don’t Mean The Song.

That’s the sound that precedes the sound of your dream project exploding. Let’s not let that happen. No plans are perfect; all come with risks. But knowing your risks certainly improves your chances of managing them. LaunchPad ToolKit …


100 Day Plan – Sharpen Your Focus!

Now comes the really fun part: you’ve developed your plan and are ready to get started. There are a million things running around in your head about customers, operations, staffing and numbers. You are busy laying out the …


Load Your Team With All-Stars.

Building your organization can be the most fun and also the most risky part of your company’s development. You are not just hiring your team; you are building your company’s capabilities. If you put as much thought into …


You Want Me To Buy What?

What are you selling? Who is going to buy it? Why are they going to buy it from you? These are three simple questions for any new business that need careful consideration. The quality of your answers will …

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