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Category: Growth

Know What A Bullseye Is.

A target market is a group of customers that you are aiming your products at. They are the people (and companies) that are most likely to buy your stuff. It makes good sense to know as much about …


Rising Seas Lift All Boats.

The market growth rate is a measure of change, from period X to Y. It helps you to determine your possibilities by assessing your environment: Is your market getting bigger or smaller? It’s pretty tough to build sales …


Find Your Place In The World.

A market is a zone of commerce, wherein parties exchange goods and services for consideration. The consideration is something of equivalent value, like cash. Basically a market is where you buy or sell stuff. It gets interesting when …


Go For It, But Make Sure You Know What IT is.

Growth means expansion, increasing in size, gaining scale, maturing and getting better. Growth is good. Growth is actually great! But are your growth plans realistic and are they realistic in the timetable you’ve laid out? It’s both important …

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