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Category: Operations

Lists Aren’t Just For Santa.

The 100-day plan is a tool that helps organize, describe, and assign responsibilities for your most important tasks. It is a checklist by which you can stay focused, measure and communicate your progress to your team, owners and …


The Art Of Making The Impossible Possible.

Management is the coordination of activities to achieve a goal. It can include the synchronization, blending together, integration or organization of resources. It is incumbent upon the manager to provide direction, control processes and feedback to the various …


Don’t Try To Boil The Ocean.

Priorities are the tasks and duties that you assign the most importance. They are the items that sit at the top of your list because your business will be at risk if you don’t do them. They take …


Your Status Should Not Be A Secret.

Status is the current condition of the activity you are managing. Having an accurate read on the status of your key items is no easy task. It is always helpful to be from Missouri (show me) when it …


If You Build It Correctly, They Will Come.

Operations is a set of tasks that are bundled into processes for a particular purpose. Operations typically follow a 3 step process of inputs, throughputs and outputs. They must incorporate controls while also balancing the costs. Operations performs …


There Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.

Goals are the aims of the company. They should be objective and set measureable targets that give the company, its units and individuals a strong sense of purpose. They are a key navigation tool for all to use …

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